Why You Need Critique Partners (CPs)

When I first started writing again, I had no idea what a CP was, but I saw the hashtag all over social media. Along with all the other lingo I didn't know, I learned CP stood for Critique Partner and finding that out turned out to be a game changer for me.

In the social media world, you and your CP(s) swap manuscripts or chapters and give each other feedback from a writing perspective. They're usually among the first to see your manuscript in all it's unpolished glory. Some people skip the CP step and go straight to betas. Totally your call. For me, especially because this is my first book, I decided to do the whole shebang.

Let's go off on a tangent for a moment. You may end up hearing me say (or reading what I type, semantics) more than once that I feel like NOW is the time in my life I am supposed to write. I've tried to pick up the proverbial quill many times before, only to find myself at the crossroads of life's obstacles, writer's block, and self-doubt.

So, it felt like fate when I befriended author Sydney Hawthorn on Instagram and she pointed me in the direction of the Plotter Life Writers Community group on Facebook. Through that group's CP Finder event, I found two partners who were looking for the same things out of a partner and wrote in similar genres.

I'm fortunate in that I also have an AMAZING local writing critique group, the Hourlings, who will get their own blog post in the future. In that group, we normally submit 3-6k words per week. Their feedback on the first 9ish chapters was invaluable, but after a rewrite, I wanted to swap my entire book with others looking to do the same.

My critique partners, authors Savannah J. Goins and V.M. Darkangelo, have become wonderful friends I can bounce ideas off of, ask questions of, and gush with.

If you're looking for a CP, I highly recommend checking out the Plotter Life Writers Community Facebook group. Let me know your own experience with CPs in the comments below!

Ta ta for now!

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