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An oldie but a goodie. I love seeing how my writing changes over time.

Reyna crushed the empty can beneath her boot as she pushed herself off the alley wall she had been leaning against. The can’s contents hadn’t satisfied her hunger, but it quenched a thirst she remembered from long ago. Sometimes she missed those days, days when she could taste chocolate and wine. Days that turned into nights that turned into days again with a sense that time was both finite and yet never-ending. 


Closing her eyes and lifting her face to the darkening sky, Reyna allowed her other senses to track the direction of the alluring scent that caught her attention outside the bar. Bats swooped and dove overhead with expert precision as they caught their own winged meals drawn to the dumpster’s stench of half-eaten steaks and old beer. City living at its finest. The bats’ frantic chittering faded into background noise as Reyna focused.


Without opening her eyes, Reyna allowed her feet to lead her toward her next meal. The scent was strong and effortless to follow, with a hint of spice that appealed to her. Reyna could get food anywhere, but she was a picky eater and preferred the long-forgotten art of delayed gratification. These days one could have almost anything imaginable within days, hours, or even minutes with a quick search on a handheld machine and the touch of a button. Even her own kind could order up a meal to be delivered hot and ready at her doorstep without any exertion at all. But that took all the fun out of the hunt. 


Without the clinking of bottles and raucous laughter from the patrons inside the bar she left, the streets were quiet as a grave. It was dinnertime for just about everyone at this hour, which only made it that much easier for Reyna to follow her dinner to the doors of the club. 


“Ummm, excuuuuse me!” 


Reyna turned and arched an eyebrow at the pretty young thing who had addressed her. 


“We’ve been waiting forever,” she said to Reyna with an emphatic finger pointed behind her. “The end of the line is back there.”


“Oh, is it?” Reyna asked as the bouncer unlatched the velvet fence that stood between her and the club door and nodded her inside. Reyna didn’t usually partake in such petty behavior, but she was ravenous and dinner was going to get cold. 


The club reverberated with music, interlacing popular hits off of the radio with electronic beats so thoroughly enjoyed by college students these days. The scent she pursued wafted around her as it became trapped inside the building. It mixed with other flavors, both enticing and repelling, turning her easy to follow trail into a game of hide and seek. Ah, perfect, she thought to herself. I love games. 


She surrendered to the beat, the deep bass invading her soul, letting it take control as if she were a marionette, the dj her puppeteer. Dancing with anyone who crossed her path, Reyna made no distinction between male and female until a feeling of intense discomfort distracted her reverie. The striking blond she danced with reeked of it. Reyna brushed one of the flaxen locks off the girl’s glistening face until she risked a glance at Reyna. 


“Ah, you see me now,” she teased as she sensed the girl’s discomfort instantly dissolve into a sense of awe. The blond pressed against her now, wanting more from their intimate dance. “Pity you are not the one I seek.” 


Reyna continued on through the sea of writhing bodies leaving the bewildered girl in her wake. She felt eyes follow her as she made her way through the crowd. Reyna’s unnatural beauty alone was enough to attract attention from most, but there were times when she needed to use her gift to influence those minds locked up tight like Pandora’s box. The girl would soon lose sight of Reyna and the trance would be lifted. She would spend the rest of the night wondering why she had reacted the way that she did. Who knows, maybe it will open up a whole new world for her as it did Pandora. One could only hope, she thought with a smirk. 


There. She had found her prey. Yes, prey. That’s all that they were to her. Food, nourishment, sustenance. They were there to satisfy her hunger. No more and no less. The one that had called to her with his scent stood at the bar trying to catch the bartender’s attention. 


Reyna examined him from her place on the dance floor, her hips and arms still swaying and connecting with others’ limbs, but her gaze focused like a hawk as it stalked its unsuspecting quarry. Reyna could hear bits and pieces of their conversation even from this distance and quickly determined that they had just met. Perfect, she thought. No pesky girlfriend to worry about. But what was it about this particular human that intrigued her? The spice she had picked up in his scent earlier had grown stronger and it caused her mouth to water in anticipation. Oatmeal, she thought while licking her lips. Oatmeal drenched in cinnamon. This one must be especially juicy.


The bartender deposited fresh drinks on the countertop in front of Reyna’s dinner and his companion. Just when he lifted the drink to his lips to take a sip, the napkin beneath it slipped off and fluttered like a moth to the floor. It was then that she made her move. He bent down to grab the napkin just as she reached him, and she watched as his eyes drank in the sight of her. He didn’t know this woman, but he suddenly knew that she needed him, and he was more than willing to give her anything that she wanted. Almost trembling in anticipation of quenching her burning thirst, Reyna took his hand in hers and led him toward the back door of the club, leaving his drinking companion to sit and watch in disappointment. 


The club’s alley was like any city alley behind a bar, filled with the reek of rotten food, excrement, and shame. Reyna wouldn’t dare to eat her meal in an alley on any other night, but it had been too long since she last ate and the desire to feast as she had her prey in hand overwhelmed her. Shame it will be then, she thought with an almost delirious giggle. 


Her meal wasted no time in trying to tear the clothes from her body. But such a basic human need was not what Reyna needed right now. She pushed him against the chain link fence at the back of the alley and kissed him. His mouth eagerly parted beneath hers, their tongues intertwining in a primal dance, and she let him believe he was going to get what he wanted for a few moments longer. When the hunger was almost more than she could bear, she pulled back and pushed his chin to the side exposing his neck. 


As her lips reached his skin she felt him shudder in anticipation. When her teeth pierced his flesh his eyelids flew open in shock. But the pleasure of The Kiss was for both of them to enjoy, and they sank to their knees as she drank.