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The Innkeeper Chronicles meets Van Helsing in this monster-hunting short story.

Emily Hawthorn hunts monsters for a living with the help of her trusty yet sassy mystical 8-ball. Why it chose her of all people, an unlikely street rat about to lose a few extremities to frostbite, is anyone’s guess, but she's made the most of it for the last fifteen years. Kill some baddies, make some cash. Life is sweet.

Until a young boy stumbles into the tavern Emily calls home. He’s running from a nefarious shadow monster haunting his dreams, and she’s faced with a choice. She can go along her merry way like everyone else in the bar, or she can do what she does best: track down the monster and save the boy.

The 8-ball says to save the boy. But how will Emily conquer a villain made of nothing more than mist and shadows? And more importantly, what will happen to the boy if she fails?

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The Morrigan cover (1).jpg

A dark fairytale retelling.

Eloise du Fresne, daughter of the late Baron du Fresne, dreads her upcoming wedding. Her cruel stepmother wants Eloise gone and will sell her off to the highest bidder, no matter the cost to Eloise.

But when a strange and unexpected visitor arrives for the big day, filling her with a sense of foreboding, Eloise must decide whether to flee from the only life she's ever known, or face her fate head-on and be the woman her father raised her to be—even if it means facing a fate worse than death.

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SILVER HONORABLE MENTION recipient from the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future contest!

Oneira the immortal Dream Maker has never fallen in love...until now. When the Fates give her a choice, she must make the ultimate decision: continue on as an immortal, or follow her heart to life...and death.


Is love worth losing her life over?

Fans of Neil Gaiman's Sandman graphic novels, Disney's Hercules, or Greek mythology will fall in love with Oneira's story.

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