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“Buffy meets Charmed meets Percy Jackson” - Amazon Reviewer


Serafina spends her days studying to become an archaeologist like her mother was. If only her mother had lived to see her succeed. But after Sera unearths the find of a lifetime on her summer dig, her dreams of drinking blood and violent magic leave behind an eerie sense of foreboding.


Something bad is looming on the horizon. Something ancient and evil.


When a well-known antiquities collector takes an obsessive interest in the Roman amulet, Sera suddenly finds her life in chaos. She’s thrown into a supernatural world that shouldn’t exist, where vampires and witches alike claim ownership of the mysterious amulet. Her amulet.


But as her connection to the relic grows, so does Sera’s fear for her life. If she doesn’t figure out the amulet’s secret soon, then she may just follow her mother’s footsteps...


Straight to the grave.


If you can’t get enough of books by Deborah Harkness, Anne Rice, L.J. Smith, or anything paranormal fantasy, then dive on in and get ready for a vampire origin story unlike any other, with twists you’ll never see coming.


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