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Revenge of the Witch (IR 3)


“If you love a well-crafted urban fantasy, then this series is for you.” - Amazon Reviewer

Almost everything was back to normal: governments had been restored, cities rebuilt, and the ancient gods’ existence remained a secret. Mostly. Only one thing was left to do.

Rescue the witches trapped in Hell.

Except Sera discovers the only way in and out of the underworld is to become immortal, the one thing in life she most definitely does not want to do. She must make the decision of a lifetime. As in an everlasting lifetime.

Matters only get more complicated when she learns she’ll need to take Danae, the ancient Bacchae who created this whole mess, with her to Hell. Failing to bring her means the witches will be enslaved forever.

If Sera fails, an even darker future than the one Danae had promised will be unleashed upon the mortal world.

This time it will be Hell on Earth.

REVENGE OF THE WITCH is the 3rd book in the IMMORTAL RELICS series, a New Adult Urban Fantasy adventure where Roman mythology and wry humor blend seamlessly with magic, mayhem, and monsters.

Previously published as DESCENT TO HEL.

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