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Wings of Magic (TLP 4)


What the hell was I thinking? (Don’t answer that.)

I followed a maniacal fae mage through a portal to who-knows-where, and the only thing keeping me alive is this infected werewolf bite. When I finally wake from my fever dreams, I find out I’m not in Miami anymore. In fact, I’m not in the human world at all.

Holy shit.

The people who’ve taken me underwing are part of a rebellion against the realm’s false queen, a woman who drove out and most likely murdered the entire royal family. I’m pretty impartial to all the politics, but the leader of the rebellion is giving Thane a run for his money on the hotness scale. And unlike the grim reaper, who I’m so unfortunately attracted to on a cosmic level, this new guy is very much alive.

None of that will matter if I don't help rescue my new friend Ivan from the mages’ clutches. Failing to do so means I may be stuck here...


WINGS OF MAGIC is the 4th book of 7 in The Last Phoenix series, a kickass urban fantasy romance containing fast-paced action, snarky humor, portal travel, a variety of shifters, a hearty dose of swearing, and a healthy splash of slow-burn romance.

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